Rich Cleaner Podcast

0:01 Introduction to the artist Buck Paulson

1:27 Highlights of Buck Paulson’s introduction to art

2:30 The 15 words that changed Buck Paulson’s life forever

3:30 PBS Television Artist (not Bob Ross!)

4:15 The text number to get a photo of The Young Michelangelo painting is: 801-416-3557 (Text the word ART)

4:55 Cleaning industry lessons from an old painting

6:40 “The Golden Proportions” method

7:25: Lesson 1. “Go to the Master…”

7:45: About Joe Polish

9:30: Story of a stolen painting

11:50: Lesson 2. Correcting the wrong stroke

13:30: Marketing principle: Testing

15:30: Lesson 3. High Expectations/Responsibilities to do your best

16:10: Lesson 4: Story of Appreciation; “Every time you paint a great painting…”

17:50: What are your expectations for yourself, and for your business?

19:00: Lesson 5: How signing a painting relates to your Cleaning business.

22:45: Lesson 6: Respecting the name of your Cleaning Company. Always do your best work.

23:50: How your employees should look and act.

25:00: How can you thank Joe Polish?

25:20: The Piranha Elite Cleaner Program

25:30: Lesson 7: “Go for it kid!”/Testing

26:00: Lesson 8: Story of humility and being teachable.

27:25: Having the right attitude of a Master Artist: “What can I learn from you?” Be willing to learn from anyone.