Rich Cleaner Podcast
Joe Polish on How Just 30 Minutes per Week Can Make You a Rich Cleaner – #001


  • The story of how Piranha Marketing started and has helped professional cleaners and restorers around the world transform their business
  • How to build an E.L.F business™ (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) with tried, tested, and true money-making strategies
  • Why there’s no relationship between being good and getting paid …and… what you can do to get paid more
  • Is selling evil? Joe shares how to think about selling and marketing so you sell more ethically (even if you hate sales) and feel good doing it
  • How Joel Cohen went from being a carpenter to making $125,000 a year in his cleaning business using plug-and-play direct response marketing
  • Ever had someone ask you “How much do you charge”? Joe shares how to turn that question into “When can you start?” (especially when you charge higher prices)
  • Does This Really Exist? A robot that delivers an educational, perfect pitch for your cleaning services…24 hours a day…7 days a week…AND sifts, sorts, and screens price shoppers? Yes! Joe shares how you can get one for yourself
  • Joe shares the only 3 things you need to sell your services
  • If you want people to do business with you, you must answer the #1 question in every consumers mind. Here’s what it is and how to correctly answer it…
  • How to increase your revenue by 25% by giving away a free room of carpet cleaning (This is a strategy used by smart, successful cleaners)
  • Think you can’t make $125,000/yr with one van? Think again. Joe shares how the highest grossing one truck operation does it.


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