Rich Cleaner Podcast
Legend Brands’ Bill & Dennis Bruders Give Insights On What It Takes For Success In Carpet Cleaning & Restoration – #002
  • Bill, Dennis, and Joe discuss what it means to be a "Rich Cleaner" (and why being a great technical cleaner doesn't always mean you'll make a lot of money)
  • How to be more influential and engaging so you attract customers you love working with
  • The way Legend Brands provides tools and know-how to help cleaners improve their business, be more efficient and effective, and stay ahead of the curve
  • Why Legend Brands, Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing are partnering together (and how it will make you even more capable and profitable)
  • The biggest obstacle cleaners and restorers face and the key skill that overcomes it
  • If you're already spending money on chemicals and equipment, here's the unique way Legend Brands uses rewards to say "Thank You" to people in their Legend Brands family and how YOU can take advantage of it
  • How you can increase your productivity, do a better job, and reduce your overall costs
  • Did you know basically 4 different products will do 99.9% of your cleaning? It's true! Here's a FREE Chemspec guide used by hundreds of cleaners every day that tells you which product will get the job done - and you don't need to be a chemist to understand it (You can even hand this guide to your technicians...)
  • 3 units of your business you can immediately enhance and improve...and...the truth about having a successful, lucrative business most people don't talk about


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