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Show Notes:
*What advice would you want to know from the owners of a $1 Million per year carpet and upholstery cleaning business?'ll get your answers on this episode!
*The one offer that runs through 99% of their promotions...without implementing this they swear they'd never have gotten this far!
*How you can overcome stagnant growth - and get past a mindset (you likely have) that's stopping you.
The rule of reciprocity. Learn exactly how this rule works and you can leverage it to get the amount of referrals, reviews, and repeat business you should be getting.
*Why would Joel, who's started and sold two very successful carpet cleaning businesses, scrap everything he learned and do it THIS way instead!?
*Find out how to get a free sample of the promotion that has gotten $10 back for every $1 spent...for 10 years straight!

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