Rich Cleaner Podcast

In episode #11, discover the benefits of:

  • Learn what Mike's real opinion is about Joe Polish
  • Find out the real deal with and just how ethical is it?
  • The one deciding factor to make your business a success
  • What's the craziest thing anyone has ever done with a truck mount?
  • Some of the biggest game-changers in our industry
  • The impact that exercising this one trait can have on your business and life
  • 3 key factors that work today to get more business you might be surprised that they are the same things that worked 30-years ago!


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Discover the benefits of:

  • Joe's #1 stealth marketing method that gives you a huge advantage over your competitors 
  • How to potentially double, triple, or even quadruple your business using direct mail
  •  A technology you can use to increase your sales (This "extreme customization" creates tailor-made, engaging messages that fit your prospects and customer almost perfectly)
  • A strategy Joe taught one of his past clients that brought in an additional $3,000,000.00 in revenue and how you can use it today to generate a BIG cash windfall
  • One of the most successful lead generation offers you can use that increases the number of people coming to you asking "When can I pay you to start?" instead of "How much do you charge?"
  • How to get paid higher prices, increase your repeat business, and have more customers and clients referred to you
  • The Power of Personalization: How to increase the relevance of your message in a way where customers and prospects can't ignore you
  • 600% INCREASE IN RESPONSE: A simple change you can make to your messaging that increased one business owners response rates by 600%...
  • What every business owner and marketer should know about "Every Door Direct Mail" (How it works, why it differentiates you, and how to do it right OR have it done right FOR YOU...)

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  • How you can get more clients and not just more but higher paying clients!
  • How you can make (a lot) more money so you have a bigger cash flow and more profits and cash in the bank!
  • How you can get the financial means to hire employees so you can have more free time & even get off the truck
  • How you can easily charge higher prices to increase revenues instantly without losing business and still compete in the marketplace against low priced companies!
  • How you can break free from property managers these are often low paying and restrict your cash flow But how do you painlessly transition into high end clientele market?
  • How you can get more referrals and more repeat business without spending a fortune on advertising!
  • How you can create a stream of jobs without wasting money on ads that don't work
  • How you can break the cycle of the schedule and keep yourself booked solid all year long!
  • How you can build your business for longevity and value
  • How you can compete with so many other companies and become immune to the competition once and for all!
  • How you can turn your website into a cash producing machine without breaking the bank on high priced SEO!


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  • Dean reviews the most important and effective ways to use e-mail marketing
  • The five qualities of “5 Star Prospects and what you should do when you find them
  • The majority of prospects who don't buy from you can surprisingly make you financially free (Dean shares the techniques that make this a reality for you)
  • The type of e-mail you should send to your prospects on a regular basis that your prospects will be thrilled to get from you
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  • Dean shares the most effective way to create engaging relationships with your prospects and customers using e-mail
  • Dean explains what the prospect buying cycle is and Joe reveals how to make money from prospects who don't buy immediately
  • The 4 types of prospects your business will deal with and what you need to say to “5 Star Prospects to get them to buy
  • Joe discusses why psychology is more important than technology and Deans shares how thinking like a chess master can improve your e-mail marketing
  • How to identify people who are ready to buy from you now and make them the right offer
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  • Dean Jackson discusses the psychology of e-mail marketing that will get you better, faster, and more lucrative responses
  • The 9 word e-mail Joe sent to Sir Richard Branson and got a response in an hour (and how YOU can get a response from hard to reach people)
  • Dean Jackson shares his 3 part winning formula for e-mail marketing success
  • Why you must know your e-mail marketing outcome (and how it will make your autoresponders feel like a personal dialogue between you and your prospects)


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  • Where you can find reliable resources for what's cutting edge in the industry (BESIDES
  • Joels story of how reading a certain magazine made his carpet cleaning business go from broke (only making $35K per year) to $125K per year, in just 12 months!
  • What is it about carpet cleaning and restoration that can bring you happiness? HINT:It's not money!
  • What makes the difference between success and failure in cleaning and restoration?...the answer is different than you think!


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Joe Polish and Joel Cohen talk with ICRA Jim Holland and Barry Costa from the International Cleaning and Restoration Association about a NEW certification program called Performance Assessments.

  • Discover an industry trend that you'll definitely want to be a part of...or you might find yourself left behind!
  • A new - and BETTER - way you can evaluate your own (or your technician's) proficiency as a cleaner. You say your company is the best- Use this to PROVE it!
  • How you can use a new evaluation process to differentiate your company...and how to use good marketing to make sure your prospects and clients know about it!


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Legend Brands' Brandon Burton : Using The Latest in Restoration Technology and Standards Can Make You A Rich Cleaner - #003
  • Brandon shares what being a "Rich Cleaner" means to him and why you have the power and ability to improve people's quality of life
  • After 18 years with Legend Brands, being in the industry for 23 years, and working with more than 6,000 cleaning and restoration professionals, Brandon reveals what he's discovered about having a successful, thriving cleaning and restorations business
  • Brandon discusses the latest cutting-edge technology and tools you can use to increase your efficiency and get more business
  • What to look for in Mobile Technology... and...2 needs you MUST satisfy if you want avoid being overwhelmed and have happy clients
  • An easy 24/7 referral system you can implement today with a mobile phone (This works even if you don't understand technology)
  • Brandon tells you what you need to know about Third Party Administrators so you can make informed decisions
  • A look inside Legend Brands new restoration technology that gets a lot more out of a lot less! (This new equipment is much more efficient. In fact, compared to 5 or 6 years ago, some of these new technologies are half the size of comparable units, but with a performance that is equal to or greater than a larger unit. This means you get access to technology that is lighter, smaller, uses less power, is easier to transport, and is less in the way...and that means a marketing advantage and lower costs for you!)
  • What Legend Brands is doing to help implement the S500 standards
  • 2 frustrations and annoyances property owners face when they have floods or fires - and new Legend Brands technologies that transform these frustrations and annoyances into a happy, delighted customers
  • How to be part of Legend Rewards and earn points for the Legend Brands products you ALREADY purchase (and how to get 2,500 Legend Reward points just for watching a special webinar that teaches you how to get more jobs and make more money)


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Legend Brands’ Bill & Dennis Bruders Give Insights On What It Takes For Success In Carpet Cleaning & Restoration – #002
  • Bill, Dennis, and Joe discuss what it means to be a "Rich Cleaner" (and why being a great technical cleaner doesn't always mean you'll make a lot of money)
  • How to be more influential and engaging so you attract customers you love working with
  • The way Legend Brands provides tools and know-how to help cleaners improve their business, be more efficient and effective, and stay ahead of the curve
  • Why Legend Brands, Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing are partnering together (and how it will make you even more capable and profitable)
  • The biggest obstacle cleaners and restorers face and the key skill that overcomes it
  • If you're already spending money on chemicals and equipment, here's the unique way Legend Brands uses rewards to say "Thank You" to people in their Legend Brands family and how YOU can take advantage of it
  • How you can increase your productivity, do a better job, and reduce your overall costs
  • Did you know basically 4 different products will do 99.9% of your cleaning? It's true! Here's a FREE Chemspec guide used by hundreds of cleaners every day that tells you which product will get the job done - and you don't need to be a chemist to understand it (You can even hand this guide to your technicians...)
  • 3 units of your business you can immediately enhance and improve...and...the truth about having a successful, lucrative business most people don't talk about


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Joe Polish on How Just 30 Minutes per Week Can Make You a Rich Cleaner – #001


  • The story of how Piranha Marketing started and has helped professional cleaners and restorers around the world transform their business
  • How to build an E.L.F business™ (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) with tried, tested, and true money-making strategies
  • Why there’s no relationship between being good and getting paid …and… what you can do to get paid more
  • Is selling evil? Joe shares how to think about selling and marketing so you sell more ethically (even if you hate sales) and feel good doing it
  • How Joel Cohen went from being a carpenter to making $125,000 a year in his cleaning business using plug-and-play direct response marketing
  • Ever had someone ask you “How much do you charge”? Joe shares how to turn that question into “When can you start?” (especially when you charge higher prices)
  • Does This Really Exist? A robot that delivers an educational, perfect pitch for your cleaning services…24 hours a day…7 days a week…AND sifts, sorts, and screens price shoppers? Yes! Joe shares how you can get one for yourself
  • Joe shares the only 3 things you need to sell your services
  • If you want people to do business with you, you must answer the #1 question in every consumers mind. Here’s what it is and how to correctly answer it…
  • How to increase your revenue by 25% by giving away a free room of carpet cleaning (This is a strategy used by smart, successful cleaners)
  • Think you can’t make $125,000/yr with one van? Think again. Joe shares how the highest grossing one truck operation does it.


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