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Show Notes:

  • How 3 simple strategies increased Tim's business by 150%!
  • What it takes to change your results to E.L.F. Easy, Lucrative, and F___ (tune in to find out!)
  • Find out how to overcome the challenges in putting direct response marketing into place...and why it is SO worth it!
  • A robotic business process that alleviates the mundane routine of answering the same questions from prospects...again and again.
  • An easy way to use good marketing to attract great Employees!
  • What advertisement got Tim $13 back for every $1 he invested? How you can get the strategy he used for FREE!

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  • How the 80/20 rule lets you spend 80% less on advertising...but get way more jobs from it!
  • An easy way to identify and market to your best clients.
  • How to be sure your advertising message gets heard, and cuts through all the marketing "noise" to which your customers are exposed!
  • The best way to find your top clients AND, at the same time, get LOADS of work!
  • What NOT to do on social media.
  • The one thing that our most successful case studies would never give up
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  • Discover a 17 point checklist of things you can do to immediately enable higher prices in your business...without price resistance!
  • How to get your job ticket average $100 higher (or more!) without leaving your customers feeling like they got pressured.
  • An easy way to almost guarantee your prospect will leave a message when you cannot answer your phone live.
  • Get the link to an advertising piece that changes your phone prospect's questions from "How much do you charge?" to "I'd like to have you out, when are you available?"
  • A clever way (that actually WORKS) to get clients to refer you more.
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