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Episode 24:

  • For many cleaning and restoration companies, joining a contest has resulted in DOUBLING their income! how you can do the same!
  • What makes contests so effective for those that participate?
  • Amazing ways to get results by using contests to motivate customers...and even to incentivize employees.
  • The most watched carpet cleaning success story on the web! (The direct results of being part of a contest)...and how this, just as easily, can be your results...
  • Contest prizes...and a chance to tell us what you'd want to win!

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Sandy Raskob video:

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  • The importance of VERIFIABLE reviews in your marketing...without them, you may be losing jobs.
  • What happens if your prospect does not believe your promises in your marketing?...You'll see exactly why this is a BIG issue and and EASY way to fix it!
  • The shocking statistics that show that your website can get WAY more jobs if you simply do this one thing...
  • See why posting reviews to social sites plays a huge part....and an easy way that you can do this!
  • When is the best time to collect a review? Does it really matter? A couple of true examples will show you why it matters...a lot!

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Elite Cleaners Group:

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Episode 22:

  • How you can accomplish the important tasks that actually move your business forward....and do it in a fraction of the time!
  • The one thing that can let you succeed despite the "winds of adversity" you may be facing.
  • An easy way to get rid of 5 minutes or less!
  • How planning plays a huge part....and a simple way that you can do this!\
  • Use your newly found tools of dealing with overwhelm to tackle these two marketing strategies which can bring in a huge cash flow surge!

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