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Episode Summary

Timothy Paulson interviews Tim Copsey of Copsey Carpet Cleaning Company, LLC in Bend, Oregon.  Tim attended the August ELF Business Blueprint Event in Joe Polish’s Genius Network offices. 

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Tim Copsey’s biggest takeaways from the ELF Business Blueprint Event.
  • Marketing that got Copsey’s Carpet Cleaning Company 8-1 ROI
  • Timothy Paulson’s insights into optimizing your marketing
  • Tools to create an ELF (Easy, Lucrative and Fun) business

Show Notes:

  • Tim Copsey speaks of meeting Joe Polish in person at the ELF event.
  • The one question Tim was able to ask Joe personally.
  • Joe’s unique answer to Tim’s question.
  • Tim’s biggest takeaway for the ELF Event: The Not to Do List.
  • A critical question Tim asked of himself (and that each cleaner should ask)
  • Don’t step over gold coins in order to pick up Silver and bronze coins.
  • Tim got 8-1 ROI when he used this one letter.
  • Timothy Paulson shares strategy to optimize results from already successful sales letters.
  • Huge takeaway for Tim: Target Marketing.  Get real specific on your target market.
  • Comments about 3-Step letters and a referral system.
  • The next ELF Business Event – December 2017.

    People mentioned in this episode:
  • Joe Polish
  • Dan Kuschell
  • Sylvan Freed
  • Ken Copsey
  • Rory Fatt
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Babe Ruth
  • Bill Phillips
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Dean Jackson


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*What Ron did in his business to go from $435,000 to $1.1 million.  0:55
*Ron will give insights for those who are thinking about getting        involved with Restoration, as well as to   those who are already doing Restoration Services. 1:20
*How many employees does doing Restoration require? 3:08
*The minimal equipment Ron started with.  3:23
*The main draw of doing Restoration. 3:33
*What you need to start marketing Restoration services. 4:30
*Great sources for referrals. 4:39
*What to expect when you first start out. 5:03
*Where to get the proper education. 5:40
*Getting the right information on the equipment you need. 6:00
*Speaking to an Adjuster (“Insurance Speak”) 6:10
*Understanding the psychology of it. 7:29
*For those already involved in doing Restoration. 8:02
*Best marketing you can do. 8:15
*A marketing strategy that made Ron a lot of money. 9:32
*The Rick Rascob “Water Tag” marketing strategy. 10:15
*The importance of getting your company foundation in order. 11:40
*Ideas to grow an existing Restoration company. 12:04
*Three main things to get into doing Restoration work. 15.00
*When a Cleaning company should wait to get into Restoration. 17:13
*Warren Buffett’s success secrets. 18:50
*Engaging Ron as a Consultant. 22:30
*Ron’s email: 23:45
*More details about the awesome “Water Tag” marketing strategy.  25:00
*The Elite Cleaners Program. 27:00


People mentioned:

Joe Polish
Rick Rascob
Warren Buffett

Books Mentioned:

Essentialism:  The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

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