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Episode #32 Show Notes:

  • Learn how this one step in your sales process can increase the amount of jobs you get...without having to increase your leads.
  • "Selling is..." How you finish that sentence plays a big part in the amount of jobs you get. See how Lisa finishes that sentence and why it can be a huge part of your success.
  • See the powerful effect that an irresistible offer has on your prospects, and how you can create your own offer that will dramatically increase your sales.
  • There's one thing you likely are forgetting to do that's actually helping your competition to get jobs...We'll show the quick and EASY way to fix it!

Episode Links/references: Boost Your Sales! - Free Training Book:

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Episode 31 Show Notes:

  • How to create a vivid vision for your company that can triple your profit in 3 years or less! It's easier than you think...and this is the perfect time of year to do it.
  • The benefits you'll see by changing the way you convince people to use your service...we'll show you what 90% of your sales message should be about...and why it could be costing you money unless you change it!
  • The power of an irresistible offer, and how you can use it to dramatically increase your sales.
  • How do you become more consistently effective in reaching your goals? The one hugely important factor that you need to incorporate to reach your business goals in lightning speed! 


Vivid Vision Worksheet:


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Episode 30:

  • 1 Free Download of a Highly Effective Business Tool - Designed to help you reach your goals, this tool is used by some of the highest-level business owners in the world!
  • Proven Strategies…Not Just Ideas…But Actual Workable Strategies You Can Start Using Today To Increase Revenues!
  • Joe's $10K Multiplier Formula...A 3-Part “Formula” That When Applied To Your Business Will Be Worth A Minimum Of $10K To You This Year….Maybe Even This Month!
  • 5 Secrets To Success With One Of My Best Strategies…These 5 Secrets Take This Strategy And Make It Multi-Dimensional For You…That Way You Can Plug It Into Your Business For Instant Cash Flow
  • 5 Simple Ideas To Provide A “Wow” Experience For Your Clients…So You Can Charge More Money And Make More Profits Right Away!
  • Plus 4 Easy Step-By-Step Ways To Create Automatic Streams Of Income In Your Business. All of it Tailored To The "New" Business With Few Clients AND Customized For The "Older" Business With A Big Client List To Work With video:

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Episode 29 Show Notes:

  • Get a simple, yet powerful, technique to create clarity about your's used by high-performing entrepreneurs to routinely get the best results!
  • 5 crucial questions to ask yourself before adding anything to your 2016 plan
  • The easiest way to take action and get results
  • What you should absolutely avoid when planning.
  • A resource for proven ideas to add to your 2016 plan

Questions to gain clarity:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. How am I going to get there?

Questions for choosing your action plan:

  1. What worked?
  2. How can I do MORE of this?
  3. What did NOT work?
  4. How can I correct or eliminate this? 
  5. What else could I add that’s proven to work?

Endless Resources for Proven Ideas That Work!

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Episode 28 Show Notes:

  • "I don't do any marketing...I only work by referrals"... Yes, but find how smart business owners are drastically boosting referrals by adding some simple MARKETING techniques.
  • Why referrals are one of the most profitable things to invest in.
  • 4 Easy Ways to Skyrocket Your referrals over the next 6 months!
  • How to ask for referrals...without feeling like you are asking for a favor from your clients
  • You get referrals already....How to get 4 times the amount!

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Episode 27 Show Notes:

  • Why have people declared direct mail dead?...And what opportunity this means for you!
  • What can you learn from the examples of some of the world's largest companies when it comes to their use of direct mail?
  • Are you taking advantage of the Post Office's way to INEXPENSIVELY get your mail piece in front of your best prospects?
  • The three KEY factors that make a huge difference in the results you can get when using direct mail.
  • Get WAY better results with your mail piece when you answer this one basic question in your message!

Episode Links:

Every Door Direct Mail Webinar with Joe Polish and Joel Cohen

Interview with Copy Writing Expert John Carlton 

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Episode 26 Show Notes:

  • Find out why the questions and statements you ask yourself make a difference
  • Want better results? Ask better questions!
  • Why "talking to yourself" is not crazy...and is actually profitable! (when you say the right things)
  • How to break the boundaries of what you can accomplish with your business
  • Learn what others are doing to improve the process of getting online reviews...and why it's so profitable!

Episode Links:

Shad Helmstetter - What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

Piranha's Elite Cleaners Group


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  • The winning strategy for successful ad and marketing campaigns
  • Why typical ads "don't work"...and how to fix that!
  • The ultimate ad creation formula.
  • If a prospect thinks that all cleaning companies they are choosing from are equal...what is the ONE determining factor that differentiates you?
  • The two things your ad campaign must accomplish to get you high-paying clients on a regular basis.

Episode Links: Free Video Series on Marketing -


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Episode 24:

  • For many cleaning and restoration companies, joining a contest has resulted in DOUBLING their income! how you can do the same!
  • What makes contests so effective for those that participate?
  • Amazing ways to get results by using contests to motivate customers...and even to incentivize employees.
  • The most watched carpet cleaning success story on the web! (The direct results of being part of a contest)...and how this, just as easily, can be your results...
  • Contest prizes...and a chance to tell us what you'd want to win!

Episode Links:

Steve Cameron Video (coming soon)

Sandy Raskob video:

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  • The importance of VERIFIABLE reviews in your marketing...without them, you may be losing jobs.
  • What happens if your prospect does not believe your promises in your marketing?...You'll see exactly why this is a BIG issue and and EASY way to fix it!
  • The shocking statistics that show that your website can get WAY more jobs if you simply do this one thing...
  • See why posting reviews to social sites plays a huge part....and an easy way that you can do this!
  • When is the best time to collect a review? Does it really matter? A couple of true examples will show you why it matters...a lot!

Episode Links:

Elite Cleaners Group:

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Episode 22:

  • How you can accomplish the important tasks that actually move your business forward....and do it in a fraction of the time!
  • The one thing that can let you succeed despite the "winds of adversity" you may be facing.
  • An easy way to get rid of 5 minutes or less!
  • How planning plays a huge part....and a simple way that you can do this!\
  • Use your newly found tools of dealing with overwhelm to tackle these two marketing strategies which can bring in a huge cash flow surge!

Episode Links:

I Miss You Letter:

Done-For-You Newsletter to send to your clients:

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  • Working hard will only get you so far....unless you work hard at the RIGHT things!
  • How can you tell the REAL difference between owning your business and owning a "JOB".
  • What is Funnel Hacking....and how can you do it to reach your business goals faster!
  • Put forth less effort in your business and get better results - not only is it possible...but we'll show you exactly how to do it!
  • The ONE thing that get's you the lifestyle you want from your business. HINT: It is not a marketing strategy!

Episode Links:

Russell Brunson's Complete Podcast #131:

Complete Funnel Hacks for Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Companies:

Rich Cleaner System:

Piranha's Elite Cleaners Group:

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Episode 20:

  • The one thing that almost everyone is doing the wrong way...change this and you'll immediately get more leads from your website!
  • Why getting your prospect to take one tiny step toward committing to using your company, can easily lead to them taking the bigger step of choosing you.
  • A simple approach to what used to be a complicated problem of capturing leads from your website.
  • What is the perfect offer you can give to those visiting your website?
  • The exact words to say in the first email your new lead receives from you

Episode Links:

Details on Why a 'FREE ROOM' works:

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Show Notes:
*What advice would you want to know from the owners of a $1 Million per year carpet and upholstery cleaning business?'ll get your answers on this episode!
*The one offer that runs through 99% of their promotions...without implementing this they swear they'd never have gotten this far!
*How you can overcome stagnant growth - and get past a mindset (you likely have) that's stopping you.
The rule of reciprocity. Learn exactly how this rule works and you can leverage it to get the amount of referrals, reviews, and repeat business you should be getting.
*Why would Joel, who's started and sold two very successful carpet cleaning businesses, scrap everything he learned and do it THIS way instead!?
*Find out how to get a free sample of the promotion that has gotten $10 back for every $1 spent...for 10 years straight!

Episode Links:
Get the "Done-For-You" Client Newsletter that Len and Annette use in their business

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Show Notes:

  • How 3 simple strategies increased Tim's business by 150%!
  • What it takes to change your results to E.L.F. Easy, Lucrative, and F___ (tune in to find out!)
  • Find out how to overcome the challenges in putting direct response marketing into place...and why it is SO worth it!
  • A robotic business process that alleviates the mundane routine of answering the same questions from prospects...again and again.
  • An easy way to use good marketing to attract great Employees!
  • What advertisement got Tim $13 back for every $1 he invested? How you can get the strategy he used for FREE!

Episode Links:
I Miss You - Complete Strategy:


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  • How the 80/20 rule lets you spend 80% less on advertising...but get way more jobs from it!
  • An easy way to identify and market to your best clients.
  • How to be sure your advertising message gets heard, and cuts through all the marketing "noise" to which your customers are exposed!
  • The best way to find your top clients AND, at the same time, get LOADS of work!
  • What NOT to do on social media.
  • The one thing that our most successful case studies would never give up
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  • Discover a 17 point checklist of things you can do to immediately enable higher prices in your business...without price resistance!
  • How to get your job ticket average $100 higher (or more!) without leaving your customers feeling like they got pressured.
  • An easy way to almost guarantee your prospect will leave a message when you cannot answer your phone live.
  • Get the link to an advertising piece that changes your phone prospect's questions from "How much do you charge?" to "I'd like to have you out, when are you available?"
  • A clever way (that actually WORKS) to get clients to refer you more.
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Show notes:

  • As you listen in today you’ll experience a stellar example of a Consumer's Guide for Truckmounts, as Mike Roden tours you through Sapphire Scientific's manufacturing plant:
  • See their ‘best practice’ that can translate into the way you provide service to your customers.
  • A key component in the quality of the heat exchanger they make that ensures it lasts and lasts…PLUS you’ll see how this quality in their work process should be a technique that you can apply when educating your customers about the quality of certain aspects of your service.
  • Sapphire’s unique selling point that differentiates their machines from all the others on the market.  Do you have a unique selling point for your service? And are you making it obvious so your prospects see the difference when you market your company?
  • Learn how having a consumer’s guide to your service is something that gives you an opportunity to educate and differentiate your service from all competition!
  • Special Bonus…find out how Joel almost got his head blown off!

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  • How to use Search Engine Optimization the right way to drive lots of prospects to your website
  • What you absolutely need on your website to convert visitors to high-paying clients
  • A rock-solid way to determine what terms your prospects are using when they search for your service
  • How to use keywords in the right way on your this wrong, and search engines will ignore your website!


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In Episode 13, Joe and Joel interview Amy Porterfield and they discuss:

  • The three reasons why it’s important to have Likes and Fans on Facebook (and how to quickly turn Likes into Leads with a simple 1 minute video)
  • Facebook 101: The key steps to follow when working with your Personal Profile and Fan Pages (and the perfect number of posts you should make per day), The strategy and etiquette to use when ‘friending’ and ‘unfriending’ people, and the biggest concerns and issues you must be aware of when it comes to online privacy and Facebook privacy
  • When you should and shouldn’t have multiple Facebook pages (and a unique way to use Facebook groups to offer exclusivity to your customers)
  • Amy shares her best ‘Facebook Time Management’ advice
  • How to make money with Facebook using Facebook ads (and the three types of ads you should use)
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In episode #12:

  • An in-depth discussion of the one strategy that successful cleaners would NEVER give up
  • Not using this one simple tool will actually cause you to lose repeat and referral business
  • See why this strategy is as important as fueling up your service vehicle, and equally as profitable!
  • Listen to real-life examples of those who are using this strategy to get higher job averages, better repeat business, and way more referrals!
  • Discover how the message of this strategy needs to the target the right audience…and why this makes such a huge difference in response when it’s done correctly
  • How to spend less than 1 hour getting this strategy out every month
  • Uncover one of the biggest the returns on your investment with by using this easy technique!
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