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Show notes:

  • As you listen in today you’ll experience a stellar example of a Consumer's Guide for Truckmounts, as Mike Roden tours you through Sapphire Scientific's manufacturing plant:
  • See their ‘best practice’ that can translate into the way you provide service to your customers.
  • A key component in the quality of the heat exchanger they make that ensures it lasts and lasts…PLUS you’ll see how this quality in their work process should be a technique that you can apply when educating your customers about the quality of certain aspects of your service.
  • Sapphire’s unique selling point that differentiates their machines from all the others on the market.  Do you have a unique selling point for your service? And are you making it obvious so your prospects see the difference when you market your company?
  • Learn how having a consumer’s guide to your service is something that gives you an opportunity to educate and differentiate your service from all competition!
  • Special Bonus…find out how Joel almost got his head blown off!

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