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Episode #32 Show Notes:

  • Learn how this one step in your sales process can increase the amount of jobs you get...without having to increase your leads.
  • "Selling is..." How you finish that sentence plays a big part in the amount of jobs you get. See how Lisa finishes that sentence and why it can be a huge part of your success.
  • See the powerful effect that an irresistible offer has on your prospects, and how you can create your own offer that will dramatically increase your sales.
  • There's one thing you likely are forgetting to do that's actually helping your competition to get jobs...We'll show the quick and EASY way to fix it!

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Episode 31 Show Notes:

  • How to create a vivid vision for your company that can triple your profit in 3 years or less! It's easier than you think...and this is the perfect time of year to do it.
  • The benefits you'll see by changing the way you convince people to use your service...we'll show you what 90% of your sales message should be about...and why it could be costing you money unless you change it!
  • The power of an irresistible offer, and how you can use it to dramatically increase your sales.
  • How do you become more consistently effective in reaching your goals? The one hugely important factor that you need to incorporate to reach your business goals in lightning speed! 


Vivid Vision Worksheet:


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